Starting Up your Start Up

Start Ups are hard. So don't concentrate on the compliance and admin of getting it set up right, leave it to us and you can focus on what matters most - your product and your customers. We'll help you:

  • Register your company name at Companies house
  • Setup your share capital structure and allocate shares to your shareholders
  • Register your Directors at Companies House
  • Register you for a Bank Account
  • Register you for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE
  • Get you a copy of all your details on your own dedicated portal
  • Set up reminders for any due dates coming your way

Registering your company

We'll register you at Companies House. This means you're officially a company - you'll have a company number, an official name and be ready to appoint shareholders and Directors.

Share Capital

We'll issue shares in the company to those you want to be your founding shareholders. If you want to issue more in the future, you can either sell some you've already got, or issue more.


The Directors of the company are there to make sure it's run to the best it can be on behalf of the shareholders. These people have important legal responsibilities which we'll help you manage.



Every business needs a Bank Account. We recommend getting a separate one for your business so you know exactly what relates to your own expenditure, and what the business was spending money on. This makes your taxes and accounts much easier to manage which is very important in the early days when you'll likely be doing it yourself.

We've partnered with Tide which has great Customer Service and integrates seamlessly with all the technology we've developed and all the vendors we've partnered with. You can also get an account in five minutes flat.


Nobody starts a business to worry about compliance (well, actually we did). We'll register you for the following taxes and requirements:

  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • Annual Accounts


We'll also be sure to send you timely reminders to make sure you don't miss any upcoming deadlines - in the above items alone you'll have to correspond with HMRC a minimum of 18 times in the year and that's before you've even started trading!