Getting your accounts right might not be that exciting, but it is really important. You want to know if your business is succeeding. We will help you:

  • Set up an online accounting tool and integrate it with your website and sales
  • Make sure you know how to complete a VAT return
  • Help you register for investor reliefs to claim back as much as 50% of investments as tax relief
  • Manage your payroll


Online Accounting

We know what we're doing with accounts. In fact, that's what we were doing in a former life before we started Go Start It.

We'll set your accounts up so that it's as easy as pie to categorise your expenses correctly, and make sure the revenue coming through from your apps or website feeds straight in.

We'll even set it up so you can complete your own compliance work - like VAT returns, tax, Payroll and accounts if you want. However, we'd always recommend getting an expert to assist with these things and know a great team we can refer you to if needed.



Investor Tax Relief

There are two really great tax schemes run by HMRC to encourage investment into Start Ups. They are called:

  • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme

Each of them allows investors to claim back money from HMRC if they invest in you. They're so generous, in fact, that for every £2 an investor gives you, they can claim up to £1 back from HMRC!

We'll help you apply for the "advanced assurance" which significantly increases your chances of receiving investment from Angels and VCs.