Are you an accountant / lawyer? Do I need one?

We have accountants and lawyers in our team, but we're not here to provide bespoke advice for unique situations. Instead, we hope to provide the templates and outlines that you'll need in 99% of situations. If you follow all our tips and tricks, you ought to be able to look after almost all of your compliance work yourselves using our tools.

Accounting Matters

We'd recommend you get an accountant to take a look at your VAT returns, Year End Accounts and Corporation Tax returns. We can produce these for you, but they will only ever be as good as the information you provide us, so having an expert take a look will give you an extra layer of assurance.

Legal Matters

We provide pro-forma legal documents for the business to use. We've used all of these ourselves and never had any issues - they have been designed by World Experts after all. However, as every business is unique we'd always recommend getting a solicitor to look over your legal paperwork.


How quickly can I be up and running?

You can start trading immediately. Any sales you make after registration, but prior to incorporation certificates arriving are still legal and part of the business. It can take a couple of weeks to register for VAT and PAYE, so you won't be able to run payroll until PAYE is set up.


Any other questions?

Other questions we haven't answered? Just email us on hello@gostart.it